About Us

Who We Are?

We are a company that, based on the organizational philosophy of having the best people, we have developed in around mining the design, development and execution of comprehensive projects within all its branches, from extraction to part of the maintenance and construction processes of beneficiation plants.


CLM emerged in 2012 with the objective of developing and executing new construction processes through the development of trained personnel, to carry out reliable civil works in the mining environment, mainly underground, it was the basis of the development of our company, upon verifying the need of this industry to standardize more reliable qualities in the processes in which the use of cement and / or stone aggregates is compromised, mainly in the stabilization work of mining works to control rock falls, which to date continue to be the most recurring unsafe condition within the mining industry.


Be the best company dedicated to the implementation and development of human and technological solutions, improving our client capabilities, using for this, the highest safety standard in safety, training and sustainability


Consolidate ourselves at national level according to our human resources and technologies, offering the best cost-befefit deal for our clients. All time in a premise of “the best people, in the work”

Some of our clients...

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Our Business Policies

Quality Policy

Safety and quality to achieve a total customer satisfaction; quality is a premise in every members of the company, and also is present from the beginning to the closure of the project.

Health and Work Safety Policy

Identify and control occupational hazards in order to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses, promoting a preventive and self-care culture in matters of occupational health and safety in workers.

We care for all employees and their development, training and awareness programs for the benefit of their role and development, with the purpose of achieving continuous improvement in quality, environment, safety and health activities at work.

Enviromental Policy

Achieve the minimum impact on the environment in order to control the environmental aspects generated during the development of the services and activities of the company, complying with the legal regulations.