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Working with the best people is our filosophy, we have grown in experience and now we have the experience for design, developement and execute any project related to mining, from extraction to maintenance and construction of proccessing plants.

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CLM News

CLM is joining to the cleaning brigades in Fresnillo, Zac.

Fresnillo., Zac.-In the traditional Wednesday press conference, executives of the Concreto Lanzado de los Mochis  announced that they are... read more

Safety, Teamwork and Leadership Workshop

Concreto Lanzado de Los Mochis, In the constant search for the improvement of its collaborators, it was pleased to... read more

2021 Safety, Team Work and Leadership Workshop. Saucito and Juanicipio

The constant search for better results leads us to engage effectively with our collaborators. An complete learning activity, where... read more


These are some of our services

Shaft Stabilization and monitoring

Our experience in the development of work safety procedures give us the hability to desing recovery, repair and stabilization systems for ventilation and service shafts. Achieving a secure and efficient operation of ventilation systems, also, helping the services systems like pipes and powerlines installed in this lines to work properly.Leer Más »

Civil Works

We have the experience and work force to develope any kind of civil work development, such as building, roads, dirt roads, paving, metal structures, and also road and building repairs.Read More »

Mining Works

Development of specialized Civil Works for mines, both indoors and paving roads, construction of tunnels and other infrastructures, as well as work outdoors, such as roads, ventilation systems, winches, headframe, etc.Leer más »


Our shotcreting service consist in the process of pneumatically launching concrete or mortar on previously prepared surfaces, said application can be wet or dry. Its main uses are the lining and support of tunnels, support to rocks in mining, channels, development of hydroelectric plants, stabilization of slopes, etc.Leer más »


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We have the experience to develop any civil work both inside and outside the mine, we also have the best trained personnel and the best tools to achieve it.